Learning feels good, understanding feels yummy

There is kind of pleasure in knowing things. Recently, I understood more about why is that: it seems an aspect of my character hard-wired in my brain.

The horizon looks full of that kind of pleasure for me with a plethora of things to know during my leisure time and also in my daily work life.

For example in the area of algorithm science –which is perhaps a better term for computer science– I was just reading a paper entitled:

What (Else) Should Computer Science Educators Know?
by Judith Gal-Ezer and David Harel
Communications of the ACM
Volume 41, Issue 9 (September 1998)
Pages: 77 - 84
Year of Publication: 1998

There are plenty of things to know, and to understand. I like the following idea about what is understanding:

"It has often been said that a person does not really understand something until he teaches it to someone else. Actually a person does not really understand something until he can teach it to a computer, i.e., express it as an algorithm."
-Donald Knuth, American Mathematical Monthly, 1974.

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