Formulating software

Software development is becoming a very saturated term, too many meanings.

Perhaps, although it is not exactly what the industry needs but I propose a new term by which I attempt to reflect several more particular aspects of this activity of software creation; ‘designing software’ can be considered synonymous of what I attempt to communicate with 'formulating software’.

It could have chosen 'software engineering’ if wouldn’t be also another very saturated term, very pretentious and for the time being, exaggerated.

To formulate:
1: To reduce to clear and precise terms a mandate, a proposal, a denunciation, (... a logic of behavior for a computer.)

2: To express, to declare (... to communicate the logic of behavior of a program, as much between human beings as between human-computational device)

3: Math. To represent by means of mathematical signs the relations between the different magnitudes from a statement (to represent in the source of the program, text or another mean, the elements and the relationships of program components)

4: Comp. To represent by means of logical symbols the composition of a program or the components taking part in a computation.

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