Test-driven design entails a different mindset than validation and verification testing

Test-driven design is like "assertion-based design" rather than "validation and verification (examination)" testing.

There are serious tools and techniques for testing, wonderful at the moment of wearing my validation and verification cap, at the moment of switching to the destructive mindset as described by Glenford J. Myers in "The Art of Software Testing".

On the other hand, wearing my designing and architecting cap, while doing my reflective practicum as described by Donald A. Schon in "Reflective Practitioner: How Professionals Think in Action" I usually need other kind of information feedback from the design situation, and that information does not usually come from 'generating test cases' but from a complete different mindset, one which is a constructive mindset in effect on "a conversation with the situation at hand" as observed on all other design professions; getting that kind of information is what Test-Driven Design is all about.

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