The need of a coherent, intelligible and complete software design method, as the veteran Booch Method

I have been recalling some good times of past battles in the trenches of software design and programming; I really miss the idea of a coherent software design method, one with conceptual integrity among its components, that is to say notation, process and tools; so much like the sound Booch Method.


The Unified Method of the “3 amigos” drafted about 1997 was promising. Sadly they disintegrated the idea in three components: UML for the notation, RUP for the process and tools from Rational.


I think they screwed it badly. (Where is Rational Software now? is gone, now is part of IBM)


What we have now? “UML methodology”, “RUP methodology”


Very important work on design methodology got lost with the lack of coherence and conceptual integrity in current processes for software development for the masses.


A software designer could get very good benefits by dusting thought tools like the Booch Method from her or his toolbox.


I am not talking here of drawing nice clouds, I am talking about sound design concepts for the delivery of top class quality software that last.

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