Software Pioneers in general, a software quality view in particular

Software Pioneers


I found these videos and slides form people like:


  • Ole-Johan Dahl
  • Niklaus Wirth
  • Fred Brooks
  • Alan Kay
  • Peter Chen
  • Edsger W. Dijkstra
  • C.A.R. Hoare
  • David L. Parnas
  • John Guttag
  • Tom DeMarco
  • Michael Fagan
  • Barry Boehm
  • Erich Gamma
  • and others


I found the time to select and view just one to start with and picked “Structured Analyses by Tom DeMarco” because I have read his works and like his writing style, his presentation skills are also remarkable. The content of his talk resembles an agile mindset about quality which remind me of a Japanese standard called: “Miroyokutaki hinshitsu”, literally: “things gone right”, the concept is related to the experience of using software that not just works properly but entails a fascinating event, enticing, delightful, producing emotional satisfaction.


I wish more and more software get designed that way and really transform our landscape.

Comments (4)

  1. Rose Hulman had a conference consisting of Web pioneers. The videos are now available on

  2. I remember the time when structured programming lessons first came into my attention. Control flow constructs

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