UML 2.0 Infrastructure feedback


Figure 5 - The top-level package structure of the UML 2.0 Superstructure

Section 7.2.4 Superstructure Architecture of UML 2.0

UML2 Infrastructure Final Adopted Specification


Questions to the team in charge:

Do you realize that this diagram has cycles?

Do you know what does it mean from an implementation perspective?

Have you ever learned how to break cycles in software designs?

Do you consider this diagram, a design?

Have you ever heard that a useful model is also executable?

Do you know that a design with cycles at this level of abstraction prevents a cost-effective implementation?


A wish:

Could you please reconsider the dependencies in this structure?



Probably UML specifications would be a source of best-of-breed UML models and diagrams; I am puzzled, OMG/UML team should be experienced designers, is that an unreasonable assumption?

I think this is common: operative people, the people who actually make things, are novices and abound; seasoned professionals in active duty are very rare.


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