Is software engineering what professional programmers do?

I originally understood and believed (what I wanted to believe, in fact) that software development trade is a branch of engineering discipline. I studied the work of Watts Humphrey, Mark Paulk and others at SEI and related organizations, looking to improve my understanding and my practice of software development. I was especially interested on these…


Software engineering is not, yet

I used to think that there was a full-fledged field of software engineering out there, that is to say, that software engineering is a branch of engineering discipline.   This is not quite true.   After some years of observation, personal research on the history of computing and based on the work of other researchers…


Handbook of Software Architecture

Grady Booch has a project, the Handbook of Software Architecture: there is little content yet, but looks interesting. Hopes this helps to clarify the purpose in life of a ‘software architect’    


Simple XML Schema Definition snippet – hierarchy

Write a XSD for the following XML document with nested elements:   <?xml version=”1.0″?> <wn:root xmlns:wn=”wn-uniqueurl”>  <wn:item info=”item1″>   <wn:item info=”item1.1″/>  </wn:item>  <wn:item info=”item2″>   <wn:item info=”item2.1″>    <wn:item info=”item2.1.1″/>   </wn:item>  </wn:item>  <wn:item info=”item3″/> </wn:root>   Here is one:   <?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=’ISO-8859-1′ ?> <s:schema  xmlns:s=’’  targetNamespace=’wn-uniqueurl’  xmlns=’wn-uniqueurl’  elementFormDefault=’qualified’  attributeFormDefault=’unqualified’>    <s:element name=’root’ type=’rootType’ />  <s:complexType name=’rootType’>   <s:sequence>…


Simple XML Schema Definition snippet

It is amazing how things get clearer when you actually try them out.   For example, write by hand a XSD for the following simple XML document:   <?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=’ISO-8859-1′ ?> <wn:root xmlns:wn=”wn-uniqueurl”>       <wn:item info=”item1″/>       <wn:item info=”item2″/>       <wn:item info=”item3″/> </wn:root>   An option is:   <?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=’ISO-8859-1′ ?> <s:schema  …