Wicked problems, righteous solutions

It is very good to read how people using agile methods are helping with otherwise bad problems:
Big IT, Doomed

Comes to mind the excellent lecture by Frederick P. Brooks, Jr.:
"The Design of Design" Turing Award address at SIGGRAPH '00, (July 2000).

Specially the co-evolution model of the design process:

which implies a very iterative and incremental design process:

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  1. Completely agreed. Although I will sometimes update apps every few hours so I likely carry the concept to extremes. Ultra Frequent Application Deployment


  2. In the context of deciding if BizTalk Server 2004 is

    included in a workflow software development solution:…

  3. Alternative title: How to get more benefits from the application of software to solve business problems?…

  4. Humans have been formulating computational logic for execution on digital microprocessors (aka software…

  5. “ Want me to adopt your solution? Let’s clarify first which are the new problems it brings on ” -a conscious

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