‘Agile’ vs ‘agile’

In what sense Developers Should Abandon “Agile”? Developers should abandon many, many, anti-patterns, not just “Agile” –with capital “A”–; for example, they should abandon the practice of uncritically follow the snake’s oil (hype) of marketing. They also should abandon unwarranted beliefs like those that presuppose practicing architecture is not part of their daily developer accountabilities….



There is beauty in computer programming and software design!!! What a wonderful professional activity it is!!! I like it!!! Come to my mind these posts from time ago: I like it even more!, and I like it! Programming is pure cheer joy.


Thought and direct experience

Being wrong, and become aware of that, are two different instances of reality. For me, the conjunction of those instances is a joyful experience. For example, I was wrong, very wrong, about who can possibly be able to know something and teach it to others. It is good to know that I was wrong. I…


«IT Doesn’t Matter» reloaded

Given the rate of time, effort and cost against actual delivered quality value of a particular sample of enterprise IT software development projects, a possible sequel of the 2003 article by Nicholas G. Carr «IT Doesn’t Matter» could be entitled: «IT divisions need adult supervision». Problem is, more often than not, there are very few…


The growth of a feature – Twelve years later

The original «The growth of a feature» post is about twelve years old. Yet, the history of iterative and incremental software design and delivery, accordingly to Craig Larman and Victor R. Basili, began about 70 years ago. <<hr7


Art vs Work

Software design & computer programming is my art, not my work. That’s why my trend is to enjoy thinking more about it and doing more of it. The referred talk by Cory House reminds me the brief note I wrote back in 2005: I like it! Also this one: I like it even more! Becoming…


Blog change

I will post further reflections on business value with software development and on the reflective practice of “architecture” on the following address: http://softwarevalue.blogspot.mx/


Reflective developer

…or why I see no authority in traditional certification exams? I have followed authority and I am aware of the value of doing that, so much so that today I still look forward to follow authority. A serious problem is precisely that there is no grounds to hold any longer the belief that the mindset…


Aesthetics in software design

Designing software, like many other interesting activities, involves both science and art [Knuth74]. The activity, therefore, has objective and subjective aspects. The objective and subjective have each their due prominence. Objectivity predominates in science while in the arts predominates the cultivation of subjectivity. Cultivating subjectivity implies to investigate it, both our own and that of…


Inspiration for test-driven design?

What could possibly inspire someone to take test-driven design (TDD) more seriously? I can only tell about what kind of experience has inspired me: (1) the act of watching someone doing TDD with dexterity. (2) Observing the quality of the outcome in relation with its requirements and specifications. (3) Checking out the pace of work…