Dynamic Data Futures 7/16 update posted

We have just posted an updated version of Dynamic Data Futures on codeplex. The Dynamic Data Features project is a combination of a class library and sample website that showcases some of the future work that will be coming to Dynamic Data. It also contains some workarounds for existing Dynamic Data bugs and issues.

Here's a rough list of what is new from last week:

  • Added ImprovedDynamicValidator control that fixes issues with DynamicValidator correctly catching exceptions thrown off a validated data model object. A tag mapping in web.config is used to automatically replace all instance of DynamicValidator with ImprovedDynamicValidator. This validator is also now added to the ForeignKey_Edit template.
  • Added EnumDataTypeAttribute that can be used to mark integral columns as actually representing enumerated CLR types.
  • Modified the Enumeration field template and filter template to take EnumDataTypeAttribute into account.
  • Modified the Enumeration filter template to detect if an enum is in flags mode and display a CheckBoxList instead of a DropDownList.
  • Added validation to the DbImage_Edit template. It now verifies that the provided file is a valid image and also that a file is provided at all if the column is required.
  • Added constraints to routes to illustrate how to block invalid requests.
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    1. bmbutters says:

      Does this new updated version provide functionality for Entity Framework because at the moment I get an error stating that: ‘The method ‘Skip’ is only supported for sorted input in LINQ to Entities’

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