Dynamic Data Futures 7/2 update posted

We have just posted an updated version of Dynamic Data Futures on codeplex. The Dynamic Data Features project is a combination of a class library and sample website that showcases some of the future work that will be coming to Dynamic Data. It also contains some workarounds for existing Dynamic Data bugs and issues.

Here's a rough list of what is new from last week:

  • Added DynamicHyperLink control. It generates links to Dynamic Data tables for all actions and works both in data-binding and declarative scenarios. 
  • Added Url and EmailAddress field templates. 
  • Modified ForeignKey_Edit field template to display a [Not Set] entry for required columns in insert mode. Added a RequiredFieldValidator to ensure that an entry is selected if the column is required.
  • Modified routes in Global.asax to generate pretty URLs using the new PrettyDynamicDataRoute.
  • Changed FilterAttribute.Order property to match the behavior of ColumnOrderAttribute.Order property. Now each filter has a default Order of 0; negative numbers can be used to push filters to the front, while positive numbers can be used to push filters to the back.
  • Comments (2)

    1. leny says:

      when we open the field templates for email and URL, it states that if the mail starts with mailto it will render the URL? In databases the email input its only abc@abc.con , maybe I’m not DOI g it right, althou I’ve manage to do every other edit to emages and custom pages and so on I just can’t undestand the URL and email.

      Ill be checking will u guys for future post


    2. Marcin Doboz says:

      Hi leny,

      the Email template generates a link that when clicked will open the client’s default email program. This is done by generating a hyperlink with "mailto:email@company.com" as an address. There is just a check in there to verify that the value present in the database does not already begin with the "mailto:" string.

      In either case, you should be getting a hyperlink for both Email and URL.

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