Dynamic Data Futures 6/25 update posted

Update: the Dynamic Data Futures was updated on 7/2.

We have just posted an updated version of Dynamic Data Futures (known for the last 10 days as Dynamic Data Extensions) on codeplex. The Dynamic Data Features project is a combination of a class library and sample website that showcases some of the future work that will be coming to Dynamic Data. It also contains some workarounds for existing Dynamic Data bugs and issues.

Here's a rough list of what is new from last week:

  • Moved/renamed a number of library files for better logical organization. Classes are now organized what they generally do instead of how they apply to a particular sample.

  • Updated DbImage.ascx to better handle compound and GUID primary key tables. Also, page templates will disable AJAX partial rendering when editing an image column to allow the FileUpload control to work properly.

  • Added support for complex where parameters. This can be seen in the pages under ComplexWhereParameters in the sample app that already have a Where clause for LinqDataSource but also use the filters to contribute extra components.

  • Added automatic support for enumerated type columns. UIHint is no longer needed to reference Enumeration.ascx.

  • Moved a number of extension/utility methods to the DynamicDataFutures class. This includes localization helpers, metadata helpers, and default value helpers.

  • Consolidated IAutoFieldGenerator implementations into a single AdvancedFieldGenerator class. It now includes functionality enabling column ordering, programatically excluding a list of columns, and a workaround for issues with attribute localization.

  • Refactored common LINQ Expression generation code into the LinqExpressionHelper class.

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