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  1. jkergosi says:

    Great post!  I’m glad to see that the MetadataProviderFactory  is taking shape.  We’re looking at doing the true dynamic metadata like you mentioned, and are looking at having a data provider from the database.  To do so, it does not appear that we will be able to use the strongly typed approach, but rather use a model similar to your previous XML provider approach.  Could you make the source for the XML metadata provider available for us to use as reference?


    Jason Kergosien

    jasonk at

  2. Ole Jakobsen says:

    Nice post! Just what we need, as our existing solution uses Dynamic Metadata as well as Dynamic Data.

  3. If you’ve used Dynamic Data or watched some demos, you may have been puzzled by the way metadata is associated

  4. One question that came up at my presentation to the Maine Bytes user group this week centered around

  5. Jo-wen Mei says:

    I like the usage of attributes, mostly because it keeps my code clean. At the moment, I'm working

  6. Jonathan Lee says:

    Cool stuff!  Right now, I don't need the full functionality of this.  All I would like is to be able to define my Metadata class in a separate assembly from the entity partial class.  It seems like what you have here would achieve the same result, but it seems like overkill for what I need.  Is there a simpler way to do what I want?  Something like overriding wherever it is that the MetaModel or MetaTable searches for the attribute?


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