datajs version 1.0.2 released

A new release of datajs with a minor update is available today, version 1.0.2. The most significant change is support for high-precision DateTime values, which incidentally means that Azure Table Storage feeds are now better supported. Get it while it’s hot and enjoy!


datajs at DevCon5

Later this week I’ll be speaking at DevCon5 in New York. We’ll look at how the browser landscape is evolving and where it’s going, and present some of the work we’ve done in layering conventions over REST in producing OData, as well as the work we’ve been doing in datajs to leverage the increase in…


SkyDrive – HTML5 improving performance, again

Continuing in the spirit of my last post, I wanted to make sure that folks are aware of the How we used HTML5 to make SkyDrive fast for millions of people post on the Inside Windows Live blog. It’s an accessible read that walks you through a number of important improvements that are powering the new…


Thoughts on radically improving web performance

If you’re a web developer, you definitely owe it to yourself to read the Instant email: how we made Hotmail 10x faster post on the Inside Windows Live blog. Go ahead and read it – I can wait. You see, with the right techniques, it’s possible to provide a very, very compelling and performant experience for…


datajs V1 Now Available

Check out the official announcement. The library is out there in all its glory. The datajs team will be writing a couple more samples as well as listening to the post-release feedback, then enjoying the long weekend (4th of July is a holiday in the US). If you’re near a browser during the weekend, why…


Microsoft Office 365 is now available!

Personally, I think that having some storage and Office Web Apps is a great combination on its own. The fact that you also get mail & calendar (including Outlook Web Access), SharePoint Online, Lync Online, and Forefront protection, makes this an unbelievably awesome package. I think this is delivering on the “help realize potential” mission…


datajs 0.0.4 is out – very important release!

So, as per yesterday’s announcement, datajs 0.0.4 is out. Go get it while it’s fresh! An important thing that’s worth remarking is this is the last planned release before version 1.0.0. We don’t have plans to add any new features or change the API for the next release. Right now we’re considering whether there’s anything else…


Network capture with Internet Explorer

Here is a handy video showing how you can quickly try something out with datajs and get a network capture (even if you don’t have a functioning website!). Of course it’s easier if you do, simply enable capturing and run your repro steps through your app. You can download the video here. Enjoy! [Video]


Populating a combo box from the cache with datajs

A new documentation topic is up on CodePlex with a sample page demonstrating how to populate a combo box from a datajs cache. If the browser doesn’t support any storage API or if the user’s storage quota is full, it still works as intended. There is also some very simple code to disable and re-enable the…


Latest datajs changes – changeset 8334

Yesterday we uploaded the changeset 8334 to datajs, which includes a pretty extensive list of improvements. These haven’t made it into a release yet, but you can build and play with the sources – here’s what’s new. Adds support for configuring cache sizes. The options argument to datajs.cacheSize can include a cache size in (estimated) bytes…