Portable Library CTP Available

The Portable Library Tools CTP was announced! If you write code that targets multiple platforms, you’ll find this pretty neat, as you’ll get guidance from the tools as to which APIs you can use safely across different platforms: .NET, Silverlight, Windows Phone and XBOX 360. This turns out to be very useful when writing utility…


Data Services on Windows Phone 7

Mike posted an announcement yesterday on the WCF Data Services blog. Go get the goodies from http://odata.codeplex.com/ today and start writing your connected phone apps!


PropertyGrid in WinForms and elsewhere

The other day someone was asking a question on the WinForms forums about the PropertyGrid class. This control is what you typically interact with to set properties in Visual Studio, and it’s a very handy class that you can use at runtime as well for a quick way to allow users to edit an object….


Silverlight is out, ready set go!

Of course this is hardly news by now, but I wanted to take the opportunity to add my two cents on how some things fit together. To begin with, you’ll find everything you need to get started from http://www.microsoft.com/silverlight/overview/developers.aspx, including overviews from other perspectives if you feel included to view them. The quick links on http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/silverlight/default.aspx is…


Silverlight Beta 2 and ADO.NET Data Services RTM

Get the full details over at the Project Astoria Team Blog. The short version: an interim release is now available that allows Silverlight 2 Beta 2 clients to talk with ADO.NET Data Services RTM servers. You’ll still want to wait for the RTM version of the Silverlight 2 client library before deploying this, but if…


Case Study for ADO.NET Data Services

Here is the summary blurb: Misys Healthcare Systems Team Uses Powerful Tools to Build Innovative Web-Based Medical Records Application For more than a decade, Misys Healthcare Systems and Veracity Solutions have partnered to develop innovative applications that meet the needs of healthcare providers while improving the quality of patient care. To help medical staff reduce…


Silverlight and ADO.NET Data Services compatibility

There is a recently published note on compatibility for the .NET Framework SP1 and Silverlight releases for the ADO.NET Data Services components. In short: the bits released on the Silverlight Beta were meant to work with the .NET Framework SP1 Beta, and you shouldn’t count on them working together. The Silverlight client is currently being…


Beware of stack overflows in asynchronous calls

This one bit me not too long ago, and I thought I’d share it to help ease other’s pain if the run into it as well… I was playing around with some product code, and one of the unit tests started failing with a stack overflow error. When I ran it by itself, it wouldn’t repro;…