min12int explained

Here I go again, after a couple of years of silence… Someday I’ll tell the tale of what has kept me busy. In the meantime, here is an interesting bit that I learned today. DirectX defined various level of support across many variables, and in Windows 8, some new scalar types were added to HLSL…


Fiddler and Windows Phone 7

When you’re building a web site, you’ll often have a targeted experience for phones. They do many special characteristics after all: the browser is touch-driven instead of mouse-driven, the screen is much much smaller than a monitor, the user is likely to be on the move rather than sitting in front of a desk, the…


Failing Fast and Windows Azure

Last week we were talking in a team meeting about how cool it is that we can fail fast with datajs. The library is by design very focused and avoids entangling itself with multiple components and dependencies, and so we have the ability to experiment with the codebase and try things out. This gives us…


Portable Library CTP Available

The Portable Library Tools CTP was announced! If you write code that targets multiple platforms, you’ll find this pretty neat, as you’ll get guidance from the tools as to which APIs you can use safely across different platforms: .NET, Silverlight, Windows Phone and XBOX 360. This turns out to be very useful when writing utility…


OneNote Mobile, now on the iPhone

As a huge OneNote fan, I’m always happy to see my notebooks accessible in more and more places. It might even prompt some folks to update the OS on their devices, as it requires the iOS 4.2 upgrade (which is just a software upgrade, this should work on an iPhone 3 as well). The Windows…


Windows Phone 7 available in the US

Ah, some really, really exciting opportunities ahead. My favorite thing is having a modern phone that I can program with .NET and Silverlight – the Visual Studio and Blend toolset is awesome, and it’s easy to get started and get productive in a very short time. Read all about the US availability here. Enjoy!


Data Services on Windows Phone 7

Mike posted an announcement yesterday on the WCF Data Services blog. Go get the goodies from http://odata.codeplex.com/ today and start writing your connected phone apps!