PIX and playback adapter selection

This is probably my favorite feature of the release, announced here: a drop down to select which GPU to playback on. So you can go with WARP, and more importantly, if you have something like a Surface Book with multiple GPUs for example, you can target the one you specifically want. Enjoy!  


Last Week on DirectX Shader Compiler (2017-07-26)

A lot of activity this last week, as usual here are some highlights. Some dia improvements, including the ability to dump debug info in dndxc and to compiler using d3dcompiler_47. More PIX supporting functionality available. Lots of linker improvements. Lots of SPIR-V code generation activity, including full translation for pass-through VS and constant PS. Also,…


HLSL Console Tools

If you’ve already followed the instructions in the README.md to get started, congratulations! We hope you have some fun on this with us. One of the things that may have surprised you is the use of a “special” console, the HLSL Console, which you should have on your desktop if everything went well and you…


Building the DirectX Compiler Sources

The README.md file in the repo for the DirectX HLSL Compiler provides the steps on how to build the project. I thought it would be interesting to share some of our journey about how we landed where we currently are, and what we think moving forward looks like. The obvious starting point for this project…


Not Your Father’s Debugger

In case you missed it, the Debugging Tools for Windows blog recently posted about the new SDK and the availability of JavaScript extensibility. I used something like this a few years ago to do all sorts of interesting things, and I can definitely see myself doing more of this in the future. Something I learned…


Thirty Years Ago, a Turbo Thing Happened

Turbo Pascal 3.0 was released 30 years ago. It was famously and rightly praised at its time – a small, user-friendly piece of software, it introduced a lot of people to the wonders of programming. Let’s take a moment to reflect on the long way we’ve come and recognize how much we owe to those…


Universal Windows Platform and Xbox One

I posted a little while ago about some interesting things that come with the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, including the ability to target Xbox One with UWP. One thing I wanted to call out was that while you can use integrate Xbox Live usage on Windows 10 by joining ID@Xbox, you don’t need to do the…


HLSL and Visual Studio

Tim Jones has recently published a Visual Studio extension that adds a number of features to the HLSL editor – HLSL Tools for Visual Studio. Read the announcement for details on what’s available: much better navigation and errors as you type are my two favorites. You can find the extension in the Visual Studio Gallery…


Interrupting shader compilation

Unfortunately, there really isn’t a way to interrupt compilation once it has started. Why would you ever want to do that? Well, if you’re doing compilation (and you really should try to compile offline, although it’s impossible in some cases), the user may decide to switch to a different application while you’re busy. At that…


How to find your XAML Page object in the debugger

Taking a quick break from compiler performance to give a short debugging tip. If you’re debugging a managed application that is based on the typical frame navigation that the built-in templates and samples use and would like to find your the page that is currently being displayed, you can simply paste this into your Watch…