New WCF Data Services Release

WCF Data Services 5.0 for OData v3 is out today. Read all about it here, and get it while it’s hot. Actions, geospatial support, and an assortment of other goodies, not the least of which is support for Any and All operators. This restriction has been around for a long time, and it’s great to…


OData continues to evolve

As you can see from the recent March 2011 CTP of WCF Data Services, OData continues to evolve. While the post includes information about changes to the WCF Data Services implementation, I’m very excited to see that the protocol is also very much alive and well. From the first bulleted list, here are the OData…


Reference of namespaces in OData

This post is a simple overview of namespaces you will run into when working with OData in the ATOM format. The list is not comprehensive, but you can get pretty far with it. is the Atom namespace, defined in RFC 4287. It’s used for all “regular” ATOM things like entry, feed, link, content, etc….


Data Services on Windows Phone 7

Mike posted an announcement yesterday on the WCF Data Services blog. Go get the goodies from today and start writing your connected phone apps!


Bookmarklet to find OData service for SharePoint site

As you probably already know, SharePoint has great support for OData, providing access to lists, documents and all sorts of goodies. I always seem to forget how the link to the OData endpoint is constructed, though. So I created this short bookmarklet that does the trick. Just navigate to a SharePoint site and click on…


Missing function for OData and Office

The last entry of Consuming OData with Office VBA series had a small glitch – one of the helper functions is missing. The code isn’t too tricky to write, but it’s a handy little thing to have in your VBA toolkit. It simply takes a collection of dictionaries, and returns a new collection with all…


Wishing on a WCF Data Services star

Add feature requests or vote for existing ones over at The WCF Data Services team is listening – make your voice heard! Enjoy! PS: gotta love the ‘’ domain name


Vitek on Expansions

Yes, our WCF Data Services blogging hero has gone and done it again – this time, the topic is expansions. Some of the highlights: What expansions look like for custom providers. Why there is nothing funny in the expression tree when using LINQ to Objects directly. Enjoy!


OData Decimal and JSON

A few days ago I came upon a question about how decimal values are encoded in JSON payload in an OData response. The value was in quotes rather than as a numeric literal, so a script running in a browser found a string where the developer thought a number would be found. I confirmed that…


Vitek on Projections

In case you missed it, you should read Vitek’s post on Projection Data Service Expressions. Here you will get not just the basics of his this works, but also details as to: Why we may query for more properties than those strictly projected. Why ProjectedWrappers are used, how they’re used, and why you really, really…