A good day for reading blogs

In How To Do A Good Performance Investigation, Rico spells out step-by-step instructions on how to, well, I’ll let you guess this one. The Beta 1 RC for Avalon and Indigo is over here, and yes, it does support VS 2005 Beta 2, which is goodness. And, finally, Raymond continues to shower us with interesting stuff,…


SQL Server backup and restore

I have a soft spot for the data management field. I have friends who consider it boring, but I think the problem space is absolutely fascinating. These days I’m busy rocking the client-side world, but it still warms my heart to see the excellent work that has gone, for example, into this SQL Server 2000…


Do Da Drag Dance, Dude

Ha! Check out the blog title – it’s so… so… alliterative. I’m so witty, sometimes I wonder why I’m not making millons on SNL. Lately it seems everyone around me wants to know more about drag drop in Avalon. So, after sending little samples around multiple times, I’ve decided to just go ahead and post…


Geek Fuel

Yes, I’ll admit it – my work is so fun, I will work until I drop unless I have some commitment I absolutely need to attend to. And so most cleaning up around the house is left for the weekend, and here I am, about to throw away a Starbucks ‘Make It Your Drink’ booklet in…


Microsoft Solutions Framework Fun

I remember reading all the MSF content around 98-99, and thinking “this is super-cool stuff – it’s amazing they’re giving this away for free.” At about the same time, the Rational Unified Process (RUP) and the Capability Maturity Model (CMM) were also in vogue. Both were waaay overengineered for the small software shop I worked back then…


Channel 9 – An hour with the Avalon Team

Check it out over here. Get to know some of our program managers, and what’s on their minds. For a fun drinking game, take a tequila shot every time they slip a reference to something internal, like the name of our internal bug tracking tool. This posting is provided “AS IS” with no warranties, and…


More about font niftiness in Avalon

Filipe has some posts about contextual alternates, ligatures, and another one putting it together with even more cool stuff. Very much worth reading, and if you’re too busy for that, it’s still good eye candy.


Beyond Bullet Points – a review

I’d like to think I’m an objective reviewer, but I pay homage to the Transparency deities, so here I go. I work for Microsoft, and Beyond Bullet Points is published by Microsoft Press. So there. The bookIf your work depends on others’ and involves collaborating with them, you need the ability to convey your ideas clearly…


Forums – better together

Two things that I find very satisfying are the following: to help out someone who needs help, and to receive help when I’m running out of ideas. Helping out others feels good; receiving help when I’m growing desperate certainly feels good as well! The new http://forums.microsoft.com/ site is a great place to do this. I look…


Avalon typography helps you impress your users

We spend a lot of time in front of computers. So do our users. Something that makes that time more pleasurable for me is the readability on my Tablet PC. The text is crisp, clear, and I can read on and on with this device. Of course, the device itself helps a lot, but having…