More about font niftiness in Avalon

Filipe has some posts about contextual alternates, ligatures, and another one putting it together with even more cool stuff. Very much worth reading, and if you’re too busy for that, it’s still good eye candy.


Beyond Bullet Points – a review

I’d like to think I’m an objective reviewer, but I pay homage to the Transparency deities, so here I go. I work for Microsoft, and Beyond Bullet Points is published by Microsoft Press. So there. The bookIf your work depends on others’ and involves collaborating with them, you need the ability to convey your ideas clearly…


Forums – better together

Two things that I find very satisfying are the following: to help out someone who needs help, and to receive help when I’m running out of ideas. Helping out others feels good; receiving help when I’m growing desperate certainly feels good as well! The new site is a great place to do this. I look…


Avalon typography helps you impress your users

We spend a lot of time in front of computers. So do our users. Something that makes that time more pleasurable for me is the readability on my Tablet PC. The text is crisp, clear, and I can read on and on with this device. Of course, the device itself helps a lot, but having…


New looks, new content a-coming

Nifty, nifty new look on the website. I’m unsure about the link colors, but I suppose I’ll spend some time playing with them over the weekend. By the way, before I post a bit more on data transfer, I have a nifty Avalon typography sample coming down the pipeline. Stay tuned…


Data transfer in Avalon

Data transfer in Avalon is all about sharing data between applications. Getting your data from one place to another is a very basic part of your computer interaction. The two most commonly used mechanism to move data from one app to another is through the copy and paste command, which puts and gets data from…


Avalon and Indigo March CTP available

Oooh, this is going to be exciting. I’ve been out of the blogosphere for a while, but there are a number of interesting things here that I’ll want to talk about. In any case, if you’re and MSDN Subscriber, head over to and download the March 2005 Avalon and Indigo Community Technology Preview. Even…


Time-saving tip for Outlook users

Dare to turn off the Outlook Reading Pane. I tried it – by accident – and now I can go through my emails so much faster. Even though I always could delete stuff that wasn’t interesting by looking at the title, the Reading Pane encouraged me to take a look at it, read a bit…


Oracle tradeoffs: musings of a test designer

There are many levels of sophistication when designing tests. A simple and straightforward test might have hard-coded logic to setup the test environment, make some change to the system, and verify that the software reacts correctly. Data-driven tests will read all this information from somewhere and act on it. Suddenly, coverage can be increased simply…


The Avalon Editing Test Team is hiring!

My team is looking for a new member to help us ensure that Avalon rocks your socks. Read on for a bit more on the SDE/T role if you’re not familiar with it. A few days ago, Steve Rowe blogged on Three Reasons To Consider Being a Test Developer. Go ahead and read his post…