Last Week on DirectX Shader Compiler (2017-05-24)

Last week we had bug fixes as codegen cleanup as pretty much every week, including a bunch of work on ViewID.

We also improved support for external libraries, which you can now configure in dndxc via the Tools | Options menu, as well as specify via command-line arguments to dxopt.

Two other interesting changes are an implementation for old-style expansion for trig intrinsics that weren't supported as first-class things at the bytecode level in DXBC, which isn't in use but might come in handy to downstream consumers, and our first feature for HLSL 2017: support for enums.

Note the keyword colorization and the reference highlight in the UI, as well as the "/HV 2017" switch to enable the new language features (still in its early days, so please be gentle).


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