Last Week on DirectX Shader Compiler (2017-05-16)

In addition to a whole bunch of fixes and improvements, last week was interesting because we saw the dxil-v1.1 branch come and go. We used the branch to build up some changes related to SV_ViewID that required some massaging to work with the validator made available in the Windows SDK, which is the set of validation checks that drivers rely on in terms of shader correctness. Once we added all the handling for proper versioning and for tests to detect what they're running on, it's all available in master now.

We haven't yet described how SV_ViewID is to be used, as some of it is still in flux. As this starts to take a more definite shape, you should expect to see some additional documentation (and even tests once things line up properly).

We've also been cleaning up a bit of the Wiki content, with the goal to slim down the main to just the essentials and link to Wiki pages for details and advanced configurations.


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