Latest datajs changes – changeset 8334

Yesterday we uploaded the changeset 8334 to datajs, which includes a pretty extensive list of improvements. These haven't made it into a release yet, but you can build and play with the sources - here's what's new.

  • Adds support for configuring cache sizes. The options argument to datajs.cacheSize can include a cache size in (estimated) bytes - this helps allocate storage across different stores, and make sure you leave room for the most important ones.
  • Adds support for RxJs to caches. If you include the Reactive Extensions for JavaScript library, you can get an observable source by simply invoking ToObservable on a cache.
  • Adds support for options in cache constructor. This includes things like user and password.
  • Adds support for filtering forward/backwards to caches. You don't have to wait for data to be local - after all, the cache can't index on an opaque callback. So we're simplifying this, and you can simply call filter at any point.
  • Supports JSON options on a per-request basis. In the OData.request object (and the cache options), you can specify values that would otherwise have been set on default objects, including whether to enable JSONP, the callback handler name, whether dates should be handled, etc.
  • Supports user and password in requests. In addition to the JSON/JSONP flags, you can also specify user and password for basic authentication scenarios.
  • Improves default success handler. Now we stringify the response data, so if you're just playing with the API to get a sense of the response data it's super-easy to get started.
  • And a bunch of bug fixes, internal changes and test improvements...


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