Anecdotally, datajs delivers quiet success

Most of the people I've discussed datajs describe their experience as simply getting the code, using it and having it work on the first go. "It just works", and people get on with building the rest of their web app.

So far it seems that the simple API resonates well with developers, and we're hitting the right level of simplicity with control, but I'm interested in hearing more of course. If you've tried datajs, what was your experience like? Good things, bad things, difficult things? If you haven't, is there something that's getting in your way or something that could change that would make the library more appealing to you?

If you want to be heard, just comment on this post or drop me a message - thanks in advance for your time!

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  1. Lohith says:


    Just because of the DATAJS, i am tempted to attempt what is call as "Yet Another Netflix Catalog" :). But just with a twist.

    As you know, has mant libraries both for producters and consumers for referencing. One SDK in that is the PHP SDK. This SDK has a Netflix consumption example – Which does the following:

    – list all genres in a dropdown

    – list all langiages in a dropdown

    – Allow a movie to be searched by name

    – Broswe movies

    – Browse seasons

    So i am re porting this app to HTML+DATAJS+ODATA scenario and will be releasing soon to code plex.

    Only one thing i can say is , with DATAJS, being an developer for 10 years now, makes me feel like i am working with an API on the JS Side.

    I am blown away with the caching API.

    Great job and keep doin what you guys are doing.




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