Blast from the past: updating links in my most popular post

I recently got a message through the blog, letting me know about broken links on Showing drag/drop feedback on the WPF adorner layer. Now, this post is from over four years ago, so I hadn't given it much thought in a long time.

I'm happy to say that even though WPF has evolved quite a bit since then, all the things I talked about back then not only work, but are also easy to find on MSDN and have been expanded with more specifics over time (for example, there's a section I now link to that just talks about the different ways to animate a property, whether it be a storyboard, a local animation, etc).

One thing that did surprise me a bit is finding out that this appears to be my most popular post ever. Of the 360-odd posts I have ever written, this one is 10x-30x time more popular than comparable posts (and of course the wide gap is due to what I compare it with - some posts have been around for much longer than others).

Well, should you happen to run into it, you'll now see shiny new links, although I've kept my old formatting style for text and code for a bit of nostalgia. 


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