Windows 7 ad in Lie to Me

Morning post, so don't expect anything too deep.

I was watching old episodes of Lie to Me while waiting for a sync/build/test cycle on my local machine (well, a bit of an episode, anyway), when I noticed the "Lie to Me Simplified" video in the "Video Extras" section.

Other than loving the content (I can't wait for the new season to begin), I was impressed at how effective it was at demonstrating a good use for shaking and snapping in just a few seconds. Personally, I tend to have windows either maximized or minimized, but I'll occassionally pull a maximized one out and move it off to the side, and the Windows 7 gesture that allows you to do that with a single button press comes in handy. Using the "old ways", if you double-click the title bar to 'restore', then you have to hunt for the title bar again to drag it in a separate gesture. Yay for Windows 7!


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  1. In Smallville there are a lot of Windows 7 showing!

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