What’s new in System.Data.Services

Seems like it was yesterday when I was writing a brief overview of the System.Data.Services namespace. Now that .NET Framework 4.0 is available, what's new?

More configuration options
DataServiceConfiguration implements the IDataServiceConfiguration interface from the first release and adds new properties, one of which is includes the DataServiceBehavior details.

More processing hooks and information
DataService<T> now has a ProcessingPipeline property of type DataServiceProcessingPipeline type is that you can access to register for events for before/after processing of requests and changesets. Great spot for validation.

The events will include DataServiceProcessingPipelineEventArgs arguments, which have an OperationContext property of type DataServiceOperationContext, describing the request and response states as they are processed.

There is of course a ton of new functionality that the new framework release provides, especially in terms of new query capabilities and the extensive support for customization, but I wanted to give you a quick overview of what's new in the System.Data.Services namespace.


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