The advantages of blogging twice a day

I typically write blog posts in batches, then schedule them for publishing about once a day, Monday through Friday, at 2PM. Of course I go through times when I'm deeply focused on something else and nothing comes up, but this explain why I sometimes post in runs, then go silent.

I'll leave the analogs to general queuing systems for some other day.

Today's post is just to reflect on the advantages of blogging twice a day. See, if I have "good stuff" that I know will be interesting to certain people scheduled at 2PM, I feel I've earned the right to post something that I would otherwise have thought would come across as filler or irrelevant-to-audience, but I still think might be interesting.

So 10AM posts like this one will still be about development, but they will focus on how we communicate (a bit like this one), or why not, the similarities between matching in unsorted collections and doing laundry.


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