OData rocking at MIX10

Today is the second day of MIX10, and if you've watched the keynote, you know there is a huge commitment to OData, with both runtimes and a data marketplace ("Dallas").

The http://www.odata.org/ site has some incredible resources. There are links to all sorts of bits and articles, directories of consumers and producers, live services you can go play with, an SDK, and generally a wealth of supporting resources for you to build both services and service consumers.

The Microsoft Codename "Dallas" site is mind blowing. Even at this early stage, you can browse the catalog and see that there is an impressive variety of information available. This is one of those very exciting things that I think will be a game changer for businesses, with suppliers unlocking value from the data they have captured over the years, and consumers being able to tap into data that was out of reach for them or simply unavailable for anyone. And then you can imagine specialized data gathering to fill niches in the marketplace... it's hard to quantify the opportunity at this point, but definitely something to keep an eye out for, as my guess is it's going to be pretty amazing.


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