Performance Tools

I've written about performance tools in the past - it's a topic that interests me quite a bit, because I believe that perceived performance is a very fundamental part of the user experience and can wow you or frustrate you immensely. And I believe "real performance" (so to speak) is very important of course, especially when you don't have a person sitting in front of the computer, but I think every developer will appreciate the difference that a 2' checkin script has vs. a 20' checkin script or a 60' script. 'Nuff said.

In any case, this post about Visual Studio 2010 profiler tools shows some fabulously productive stuff. And all with Visual Studio usability, rather than what it feels like to use some of the more arcane tools (that are admittedly very well suited to automated scenarios, we'll always grant them that).

Anyway, read up and enjoy!

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  1. BuckWoody says:

    Awesome. For SQL Server, I’m setting up something using the tools we already have…

    Thanks for the post

    – Buck

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