XSLT Resources

Welcome to the XSLT Resources Page. I'm maintaining this page as a hub of links to additional resources that developers that use XSLT will probably find useful.

MSDN Resources
XSLT Transformations. Provides conceptual material on using XSLT on the .NET Framework.
XslCompiledTransform Class. API reference. Read also this post for details on how it works, including details on security, temporary files, scripting, and much more.

XSLT Compiler. Generate precompiled assemblies for performance. Read this post for details and internals.
Debugging XSLT in Visual Studio. Step into, evaluate, and debug to your heart's content.
XSLT Profiler Add-in for Visual Studio 2008. Profile to develop an understanding of your XSLT stylesheets and improve their performance. There is a great walk-through video here.
Dynamic XSLT attribute Intellisense in Visual Studio 2008. Very nifty trick to unlock the feature, hidden by default.
XSLT Timer. Small tool available through Code Gallery to measure simple timing of transformations.

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  1. Over this past weekend, the XSLT Timer tool has been released on Code Gallery. This is a very simple

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