The one where lame excuses are given

Yes, yes, yes - I've been busy. I'm sure you saw that one coming. Also I've been working on things which are top-secret, yadda-yadda.

To reduce my lameness level, however, I'm back to writing for 2009 and I'll begin by linking to a very nice article which has certainly aged well: XML Reader with Bookmarks. This is great for those cases in which you mostly need forward-only processing of XML, but for a very few select cases you might need to rewind (also known as "peek ahead some amount"). A great example of "pay for play" - much better than having to choose between forward-only or all-in-memory.

And one of the benefits of having a long-running blog is that I can now look back and think - what I was I writing about in early 2005? Being effective with Outlook, it seems. I was a lot less prolific back then as well - clearly Avalon (WPF these days) took a lot of my time, that with the programmatic stuff, the new XAML markup and whatnot...

Any implied references to the continued relevance of XML over time and across technologies is, of course, mostly unintentional.

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