So long FolderShare – hello Windows Live Sync

In case you haven't heard, FolderShare will be going into retirement at some point, and Windows Live Sync, to be announced next month, will be the software you'll probable want to move to.

For more details, the announcement is on the FolderShare site here:

Also, if you're a user of FolderShare you've probably received an email by now, although mine got stuck in my Junk Mail folder for some reason.

Note: No, I don't work for FolderShare nor Windows Live Sync - I'm just a happy user. I thought I'd pass the word along, though.

And if you're looking for something along the lines of "keeping stuff in sync", don't forget to look at SyncToy, which may cover your needs as well, in particular anything that has to do with keeping files and folders in sync.

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  1. passer by says:

    Why not just get a dropbox?

    Much more solid and useful than any of that.

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