MSDN Low Bandwidth Echo

MSDN has a "light" version which loads up the pages faster (albeit with less functionality). You can read about it here. I very, very much like it, although depending on where I am in the topic tree, sometimes I prefer to have the TOC on the side.

Yes, this post is largely an echo of what's been posted elsewhere, but I think it's valuable enough that it's worth repeating. Also, this saves me one additional bit of work - I was considering whether I should start adding the (loband) tag to my MSDN links, but it's a lot less work for me if:

(a) I can point folks to the appropriate post,

(b) There's the "keep me in low-bandwidth" flag you can set.

(c) There's a bookmarklet you can add to your browser to toggle it even if you forget about the tag.


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