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In case you haven't visited lately, has been doing for a while this thing where each day they'll have a different background picture, usually a gorgeous photo, and then when you hover over the picture with your mouse different areas will be highlighted with links on them. I find visiting this page every day just to see the picture and perhaps 'invest' some time following interesting links.

Today's picture is of a couple of folks trekking the Himalayas, and the topmost link is of a map with a collection of very interesting links (it's the link that says Annapurna). I had no idea of the kind of things you could find in collections...

Anyway, I thought I'd pass on that bit of information, in case others might also find it interesting.


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  1. Marcelo,

    You may want to point out the fact that its US-only, as usual Live Search don’t deem the rest of the world worthy.


  2. Vinod Inamdar says:

    That’s why Live Search sucks as compared to Google.

  3. Well, according to, the features started off in the US and was going to be expanded. I tried it last week from Argentina and I got the changing background pics.

  4. rtpHarry says:

    to see it working you just need to click your country in the top right and change it to United States (English).

    Its a frog today!

  5. rtpHarry says:

    And now its windmills… I miss the froggy

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