ADO.NET Data Services History

Pablo puts on his historian hat over at and tells the tale of how Astoria (now ADO.NET Data Services) was born and raised.

Some of my own memories:

  • The very first mail on my 'Astoria' mail folder, sent to Pablo, titled Pinging for OOF message (I guess he was out and I wanted to get his out of office message, which typically includes information as to when someone is coming back). He eventually replied nonetheless with instructions on the version control client configuration and a couple of links to documents that had already been prepared.

  • Lovingly organizing our team's SharePoint Wiki. Today it has grown to 74 pages with all sorts of information, from links to the Microsoft download site for releases to tips on useful breakpoint locations.

  • Everyone ordering copies of RESTful Web Services, by Leonard Richarson and Sam Ruby. I somehow ended up with at least two copies at some point.

  • The design marathon, which actually lasted longer than a month (in my mind, anyway). I remember we used to get together every other day for two to three hours to nail down the specifics of what we wanted.

  • The people on the team. A great combination of being very smart, very easygoing and a lot of fun to work with. The RESTing on the slopes pictures have achieved everlasting fame by now.

Good times! I can only hope that developers that use our platform have as much fun as we did creating it.

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