Case Study for ADO.NET Data Services

Here is the summary blurb:

Misys Healthcare Systems
Team Uses Powerful Tools to Build Innovative Web-Based Medical Records Application

For more than a decade, Misys Healthcare Systems and Veracity Solutions have partnered to develop innovative applications that meet the needs of healthcare providers while improving the quality of patient care. To help medical staff reduce manual, paper-based processes, Misys Healthcare Systems and Veracity Solutions collaborated to create FreeNatal, a Web-based application that provides prenatal care providers with an easy-to-use, secure interface for managing patients’ records. Using Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2008 SP1 and the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1, eight members from the Misys-Veracity team created the application. By taking advantage of these powerful technologies, the team increased development speed by 60 percent, enabling accelerated market delivery and further strengthening their respective positions in the healthcare informatics industry.

You can find the whole thing at In particular, I find it interesting to see the architecture diagram, which shows how ADO.NET Data Services fits in the picture alongside the ASP.NET MVC components in the business tier, and how the presentation tier can communicate with one or the other (or both) depending on what kind of services it needs.


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