Welcome SQL Server 2008 to the world!

Yes, it's available now, in all its yummy-licious editions.

If you can't wait for your IT department to upgrade, you can always start building desktop / mobile applications with the free Express or Compact editions.


Comments (3)

  1. Will Dean says:

    You didn’t read the Express page you linked to.  You can’t get Express at the moment.  Apparently you might be able to on the 11th.

  2. My bad, my bad – the page does say ‘SQL Server 2008 Express will be available for download at the end of August 2008. ‘. I got a bit carried away I guess.

    What I had in mind was the opportunity of using the Express edition for example to teach yourself the new features and make use of them in ‘personal’ applications – I write a lot of applications largely for myself, either to solve problems that I have, "train", or simply have fun playing with technology.

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