On connecting dots…

... you can find more interesting food for thought at the very awesome post on the Windows Live Dev blog at http://dev.live.com/blogs/devlive/archive/2008/03/12/220.aspx.


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  1. Dave Bettin says:

    In the referenced blog entry, he states that an AtomPub library is in the WCF Syndication lib.   Although, I wish this was indeed true, it is not.  Are you aware of plans to introduce ATOMPub at the framework level? Will it ship as a part of Ado.net DataServices?

  2. I’m away on vacation right now, so I don’t really have access to any references, but as I recall there is a pretty complete API for RSS and ATOM in the form of SyndicationFeed and SyndicationItem which live in the System.ServiceModel.Web.dll (IIRC). You might need to tweak what the payloads look like, but for the wire-level work I’m not aware of things that lie beyond its capabilities.

    ADO.NET Data Services raises the level of abstraction when dealing with data and together with some URL conventions allows not only reading and writing but also querying, a "smarter" navigation (in that links are less opaque and can be tracked on their own), and optionally a strongly-typed programming experience over the data.

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