Performance Testing Guidance for Web Applications – now on MSDN!

Performance Testing Guidance for Web Applications is now available on MSDN. I am still going through the version I downloaded a few weeks ago, now I’ll probabyl read the whole thing on-line – I find that somehow having the table of contents on the left-hand side help keep me focused. Perhaps it’s because information is…


SQL Server User Education Blog

Not too long ago, I happened to write a post mentioning how good SQL Books Online is. Well, turns out that just today I discovered that the SQL Server User Education team has its own blog. Well, one of the highly nifty things they’ve already posted is this Scoped Search for Books Online. Very much…


EuroPablo, or Astoria goes to Spain

If you’re going to the TechEd event in Barcelona next week, you’ll get to hear Pablo talking about Astoria. If you’re at all interested, I encourage you to pick his brains – he’s quite good at giving straightforward explanations if you have questions or just want to have a chat.


Database Design Books

A few days ago a friend of mine asked for some books I could recommend about developing databases. This is my personal list based on personal likes – to be extra clear, this is not an endorsement from my employer. An Introduction to Database Systems, by C.J. Date. A great book that covers all sorts…


Reading pleasures

It’s Friday afternoon, and this is so destined to be an off-topic post… Here’s the thing. For the last year or so, I’ve been the proud owner of a Sony PRS-500, a gift from my beloved wife. Awesome, awesome gadget. In case you are considering getting one, here are some of the good things: very…


System Views, or "Who’s connected to my database?"

The other day I was trying to drop a database, but I was getting an error because it was in use. Given that I was the only user of the database, I was a bit puzzled… I had a number of programs running, and I wasn’t sure which one might be holding on to a…


Great posts on threat modeling

Larry Osterman includes all the links to his threat modeling series here. A must-read for folks designing all sorts of software, but especially important to higher-risk situations like Internet-facing applications.