Performance at the PDC

Yes, the content of the PDC will be great and varied and wonderful... One topic in particular that I've been working in lately is performance (as the title of this post might suggest).

Ah, performance - that elusive, enchanting mistress (I think of performance as a 'she', perhaps influenced by the Spanish language?). You can take a peek at what's upcoming by going to the PDC 2005 Sessions page, and searching for 'performance'.

Oh, and just for the love of linking (and because it's pretty darn useful), do yourself a favor and read Intro to Event Tracing for Windows. The resource kit for Windows Server 2003 also has some excellent information on this - this first list of bullets on this page is the content of for a book dedicated to performance that comes with the kit. I'm planning on writing a more extensive review, but right now I'm absorbed in getting all the goodness I can from it.


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