Code post hiatus

These days I'm awfully busy with work for the upcoming PDC. All I can say is: it's going to be good - quantity, quality, and variety. Unfortunately this means that I won't have time to post much code for a while, but instead you'll get more comments about, well, just about anything.

For example, let's take input devices again. I posted a while ago how much in love I was with my wireless stuff. So much, in fact, that I did not go and buy one of these sexy keyboards because they didn't have wireless support. And now it looks like Fingerworks is no longer in business - too bad - and of course I wonder if I should have bought one just for fun when I had the chance...

Comments (3)

  1. Paul says:

    Marcelo – that keyboard is WAY cool – too bad you didn’t get one. Just looking at the photo I want one. Ah well….some of the most fun things come and go really quick!!

  2. I know… I tried looking for some competitor, but it looks like they were the only ones with a key-less keyboard. 🙁

  3. Sean says:

    I’ve got a fingerworks, and it’s sweet. I love gestures and cool things like hidden keys and using four fingers for shift, alt and ctrl on one hand and typing the letter (think crtl + a) with the other. Very cool stuff! And I’m sorry to hear that the guys that made Fingerworks are now working for Apple.



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