Wonderfully Wireless

Today I was pleasantly surprised when I got this popup message a bit after logging into my computer at home.

Microsoft IntelliPoint
The wireless mouse battery level is low. Replace the batteries soon so the wireless mouse will continue to function properly.

A couple of AA batteries swapped in, and I continue working, without a hiccup - simple, lovely.

Yes, I have a Microsoft Wireless Optical Desktop thing set up, and I must admit that I'm very much hooked. I just don't see how I could go back to having wires and cables all over the place again. I would certainly miss the freedom of just moving the keyboard about without caring about what any cables might knock over, leaning back on my chair with the keyboard on my lap if I want to, or placing the keyboard by the desk for a moment to get access to more desktop real estate.

The mouse has some weight (which I like), the mandatory clickable & tilt-able wheel, and the keyboard is very comfortable. The only thing that I don't like about the keyboard is that the Insert key is a bit further up than usual, and that I need to toggle some function mode with an extra key to get a screen capture.

From the extra keys that come with the keyboard, I find myself using the ones to the left-hand side to bring up programs and the ones on top to launch and control Windows Media Player. Turns out to be pretty convenient, and I can map the programs I want to the keys.

All in all, a great piece of hardware that makes the experience of using my computer much nicer and helps me keep my desktop unclutter (or, rather, a bit less cluttered).

PS: you can capture the text of a regular message box to plain text, as shown above, by pressing Ctrl+C when it's focused.

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Comments (2)

  1. Alejandro says:

    Cool! Creo que me estoy empezando a tentar con lo que me decís…

  2. Paul says:

    I too was totally hooked on the wireless keyboard/mouse until I got rid of my desktop at home and now only use a laptop….which is wireless for networking. Your post makes me think that I need to switch over at the office….there are ENOUGH wires around – be nice to get a couple of them off my desk!!!!

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