Watching Westworld, Windows Vista

So, I've finished watching Westworld, again. With robots, action, and that grainy old-movie look, it's always super-enjoyable. A great classic, and a great reminder on why having a Real Time Clock (RTC) battery is a good idea, as long as it only keeps the computer clock running while the main battery is removed, instead of powering murdering robots for up to twelve hours.

Reminding regular readers of my love of technology that saves energy, I'll toss in a link to the new sleep state in Windows Vista. Developers should get used to the fact that thinking about power consumption is important in a world where mobile devices are increasingly pervasive, and where battery life is a major consideration in device and application adoption. The Windows Mobile Team has an outrageously good post over here with more information.

And, of course, being the SDK-loving guy that I am, I cannot fail to point the managed support application get from the PowerModeChanged event. Did I mention that app authors would do well in considering power consumption?

Oh, and Westworld rocks. Yeah, that too.

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