Hibernate is your friend

Last week I drove up to Vancouver to get a new visa. Lovely city. I staid in the downtown area, and was able to walk everywhere - which is a good thing, because finding a place to park is hard (although not impossible).

There was a bit of waiting involved, and I made good use of my time by writing a small sample - to be posted soon. But as I was going in and out of my hotel room, to look up directions, take notes about cool stuff I'd seen, upload snapshots from my cell phone to my tablet device (I forgot to take my camera along), I found that Hibernate is a very, very cool feature.

In short, if you choose Hibernate from the Shut Down options, the computer saves your memory contents to disk and shuts down to conserve battery. But it also makes startup much faster than a regular boot-up as well - all your programs are already loaded in memory, with your documents open. I love how it saves time.


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  1. Peter says:

    Unless, if you have 2Gb of RAM installed. I actually find it faster to boot than restore from hibernation. And there is always something else that want to occupy those last free Gigs on my harddrive 😉

  2. The other option is to use "sleep" as that almost gives you an instant on ability but at the expense of using some power.

    I find that useful though for when I’m needed to open/close the laptop often.

  3. What can I say? I feel for all the people that have 2GB on RAM on their laptops.


    I agree that Sleep is also pretty handy – but I was leaving the hotel room for stretches of 3/4 hours. Although you could very well argue that if I had my tablet at the hotel room, I could have left it on continuously; but hey, I’m helping the environment by saving energy.

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