Geek Fuel

Yes, I'll admit it - my work is so fun, I will work until I drop unless I have some commitment I absolutely need to attend to. And so most cleaning up around the house is left for the weekend, and here I am, about to throw away a Starbucks 'Make It Your Drink' booklet in my hand, the start of this (weekend-ish, non-technical) post.

What keeps a geek going, anyway? Coffee is the classic beverage to pull this off, but I find that there are only so many days I can sustain myself on coffee before starting to feel weird side-effects. Tea is another good choice, although I tend to prefer non-caffeinated varieties, so it doesn't do much for me in that sense.

My choice is mate, which comes in super-caffeinated form (the traditional way), or in a much lighter variety (packed in tea bags). It's much kinder to me than coffee, although some have remarked I 'radiate energy' after drinking some. All the better to find n' squash those defects, I say.

Correlation between drinks and defects found - I wonder if this is the one thing Capers Jones hasn't looked into.

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