The Avalon Editing Test Team is hiring!

My team is looking for a new member to help us ensure that Avalon rocks your socks. Read on for a bit more on the SDE/T role if you're not familiar with it.

A few days ago, Steve Rowe blogged on Three Reasons To Consider Being a Test Developer. Go ahead and read his post - I'll be waiting here. Unlike in Steve's group, however, we mostly use C#. Let me rant a bit on why being an SDE/T is fun, challenging and ultimately immensely rewarding.

For anyone out there still harboring doubts: an SDE/T job is not a walk in the park. Responsibilities will require the ability to understand the overall architecture, design and implementation of product code, and then on top of that design and implement automated systems that assess the quality of the product. Which also need to be robust and reliable. Oh, and easy to review and troubleshoot, because we don't have a separate organization to test the tests. And, of course, exercise a lot of testing smartness - how will you approach the subtle and a the same time enormous question of quality assessment?

Yup, it's a tough job. But it's a problem SDE/Ts are proud to tackle everyday. We are the ones that will ensure that Microsoft customers are happy customers. And the phrase 'Microsoft customers' includes many, many, many people that use our software every day in every corner of the world.

You can find the job details for my group here. Will you be the one? I look forward to hearing from you!

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  1. Brian Korzeniowski says:

    I have been waiting for a position at Microsoft to use C#. While I also study C++/COM/ATL/ATL in my spare time, my recent experience has been in C#. I really love C#.

    Look my resume over and give me a call.



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