Free Visual Studio Express

I’m sure everyone has blogged about this already, but this is so exciting I can’t help myself. I loved the ‘discounting […] to free’ bit. Spread the word. Let your loved ones know. Programming is coming to town.


Check out the new fontblog post

If you read text (hehe), you owe it to yourself to take a look at some of the things that font designers need to consider when doing their job. Ah, beautiful, beautiful hinting… the video is definitely worth watching.


Virtualizing a Data Object

This is going to be a long post, so get yourself some coffee or your development beverage of choice before you start. This is something that was brought up during the PDC, and so I’m following up with one of the solutions suggested. The problem is as follows: how do I write my application such…


New Forum for Windows Presentation Foundation

We loooves the community. The MSDN forum at is a great place to ask questions and search / get answers, with a bunch of features that make the experience much niftier than regular newsgroups. This posting is provided “AS IS” with no warranties, and confers no rights.


Spell checking in Windows Presentation Foundation

One of the features that impressed PDC attendees was the built-in spell checker in Windows Presentation Foundation. Activating it is just as simple as setting the IsSpellCheckEnabled property to true on a TextBox or RichTextBox control. <DockPanel xmlns=”″> <TextBox IsSpellCheckEnabled=’True’>This text is wronw.</TextBox> <RichTextBox IsSpellCheckEnabled=’True’>  <FlowDocument><Paragraph>This text is also wronw.</Paragraph></FlowDocument> </RichTextBox></DockPanel> Users will get red ‘squigglies’ under the…


Back from the PDC

The PDC has come and gone, and good time was had by all. The atmosphere was super-charged, there was a lot of excitement about all that’s coming, and a lot of cool technology was available. For those of you interested in a crash course in Windows Presentation Foundation, Tim Sneath posted A Guided Tour of…


Finally, off to the PDC tomorrow

Will catch a flight pretty early in the morning… Zzzz…. Lots of great people to meet, lots of good technology to show off… I hope I’ll even find the time to catch some of Michael’s thoughts in the BOFs he submitted. This posting is provided “AS IS” with no warranties, and confers no rights.


Performance Price Payment

High-level languages and declarative models make it less obvious what performance costs come with their usage. For example in SQL, it’s hard to even make an educated guess without knowing about the indexes available to the DBMS, much less considering what other activity might be taking place on the server. It’s also easy to make…


Embarrassing feedback management

Apparently, something in the way I have the feedback on my blog configured changed sometime after my ‘sorting socks’ post. My apologies to everyone who posted and whose comments have not shown up until now – I have rectified this situation. I would have sworn I had set things up to receive an email notification (to…


Lester starts blogging

Lester Lobo from the Avalon team (also known as Windows Presentation Foundation) has started blogging over here, and kicks it off with a show of some of things that can be done with a RichTextBox control. Check it out!