Hats off to Cem Kaner

I’ve read his article, Architectures of Test Automation [http://www.kaner.com/testarch.html]. I’ve seen many of these considerations come up in practice, but it’s great to have them formalized, or at least written down. More good stuff available at http://www.kaner.com/articles.html. And remember, test automation is software development, so there’s no reason to go about your business any differently!


Don Box on Technical Presentations

Don Box, of COM and SOAP and Web Services and .NET fame, shares some good advise about what goes into a technical presentation over at Channel 9. The tip about lowering one’s voice alone is worth the 20′, which are packed with good stuff anyway. Certainly a fellow who deserves my most sincere respect.


Office Update is quite the productivity tool

It has to be said: Office Update is really, really, really cool. Check it out at http://office.microsoft.com/.   It doesn’t just have software updates (which it has) or provide tips and the like (which it does). There’s also a very nifty Tools for Your Job section, which includes templates, ideas on how to use Office…


Creating a Custom Avalon Expression

At last, I’ve got time to write about the Expression sample I mentioned before. I’ll actually walk you through this, so fear not, gentle reader!   Starting from the start First, let’s start out with a new Avalon project, and put this code in the Window. This just declares a couple of TextBox instances in…


Avalon, high DPI and screen real estate

Today, beloved readers, I will weave a story of powerful forces in conflict with each other through time, and how Avalon saves the day… As time goes by, screens are getting better resolution for the same physical size. This means we get smaller content, and more “room” to put that content in. My home LCD runs…


Avalon lets you express your true self…

Or something along those lines. If there is something that I think is truly wicked cool about Avalon, is the property system. All the constructs available let you declare how things should work together, rather than having to write bulky code to procedurally enforce that things are kept consistent. Data binding is cool to begin…


Marcelo joins the blogosphere!

At last, a space for a good-looking Test Lead in the Avalon group to communicate with the world. What will you find here? Anything technology-related topic is fair game, so you are likely to find posts about Avalon, finding bugs, programmer food, and cool hardware, the purchase of which may or may not have been…