PIX on Windows (beta) released

Tools are an incredibly important part of our work. Great tools allow us to look at the systems we’re developing, get a holistic sense of what’s going on and then zoom into the details we care about. Today PIX on Windows announced its beta release. If you work with D3D12 on Windows, you definitely owe it to yourself…


Not Your Father’s Debugger

In case you missed it, the Debugging Tools for Windows blog recently posted about the new SDK and the availability of JavaScript extensibility. I used something like this a few years ago to do all sorts of interesting things, and I can definitely see myself doing more of this in the future. Something I learned…


Directions for future HLSL development

In case you haven’t seen this, the DirectX 12 Advancements @GDC 2016 talk has Chas Boyd discussing a new compiler under development to target, in the HLSL Update section. The .pdf of the slides is here, in case you’re more into reading than listening. There’s a lot of content there, some more near-term and some…


Thirty Years Ago, a Turbo Thing Happened

Turbo Pascal 3.0 was released 30 years ago. It was famously and rightly praised at its time – a small, user-friendly piece of software, it introduced a lot of people to the wonders of programming. Let’s take a moment to reflect on the long way we’ve come and recognize how much we owe to those…


Universal Windows Platform and Xbox One

I posted a little while ago about some interesting things that come with the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, including the ability to target Xbox One with UWP. One thing I wanted to call out was that while you can use integrate Xbox Live usage on Windows 10 by joining ID@Xbox, you don’t need to do the…


Understanding all_resources_bound in HLSL

The latest version of fxc includes a new switch, /all_resources_bound, documented here. The API equivalent is the D3DCOMPILE_ALL_RESOURCES_BOUND constant, described here. But what does it do? Direct3D 12 is much more flexible in how resource descriptors are laid out for the shader to consume. It is possible to have a resource be invalid (“unbound”) if…


Windows 10 Anniversary Update now available

Earlier today, Windows 10 Anniversary Update began rolling out. If you don’t want to wait for the updates to come by, you can get it manually. What’s in it for developers? Quite a few things, actually. Here are some of my favorites. UWP app development on Xbox One. x:Bind implicitly converts bools and Visibility. How…


Figuring out the shader type from a blob

If you work with tools that manipulate shaders, you might find yourself at some point wondering what kind of shader you’re dealing with if all you have is a blob of bytes. Using the shader reflection APIs, you can check whether the shader is a pixel shader, vertex shader, etc, by looking at the Version…


Performance considerations for DirectX 12 on NVidia hardware

I posted a link to similar content last week for Intel. The Do’s and Don’ts list from at the NVidia site covers additional content for NVidia hardware, and includes other considerations for command lists, engine architecture, swap chains, etc. Enjoy!


Performance considerations for DirectX 12 on Intel hardware

Wolfgang Engel writes Performance Considerations for Resource Binding in Microsoft DirectX 12 for the Intel Developer Zone site. There is some good information there and some material to think about various tradeoffs that can come in handy. Enjoy!