V-Modell® XT for Team Foundation Server released

We just released our V-Modell® XT Implementation for Visual Studio Team System. We deliver a generator that enables the transformation of V-Modell® XT processes into valid Team Foundation Server Process templates. Additionally to delivering V-Modell® XT as a Team System Template we enrich the more “project management” focused V-Modell with detailed process model elements. E.g….


Perfekt organisiert!

Ich freue mich Ihnen eine Roadshow der Extraklasse ankündigen zu dürfen. Basierend auf fundierter Praxiserfahrung von mehreren Jahren Team System Expertise hat Microsoft gemeinsam mit der AIT (Applied Informations Technologies AG) Ihnen eine Abendveranstaltung der besonderen Art zusammengestellt. Lernen Sie wie Projektmanagement und -steuerung in professionellen Händen aussieht und wie der Visual Studio Team Foundation Server in praktischen…


TFS Operation and Problem Management

One of the more painful sides of TFS has been the experience around installation, operations and problem management. The product group is more then aware of this fact and we will be changing this experience with Visual Studio 2008 (Orcas). This is a high priority focus we have for the release. Operations: Besides changes in the…


Where to buy your VSIP products

This question may get complicated, especially for bigger companies that are not allowed to just buy based on a credit card. Outside the united states tax and other issues even make it harder. I am glad that we can announce the start of the Aservo VSIP portal: http://vsip.aservo.com/  Here is your one stop shop for…


Announcing 1st Team System Conference April 2008

As you may have noticed it has been a bit quite around my blog. Actually I was off for summer vacation and since then I am trying to catch up with all news and information that has come up during this time. It seems to be a mission impossible, so I will need to stay…


Data Modeling for DBPro Database Projects

Doing Demos with the DBPro Role usually really excites folk out there because we have functionality that they never saw before like DB-Unit Testing… When you ask customers before the demo for their expectation on the product, they often say data modeling. I am glad that we are now able to close this gap through…


Database Professional News

I just catched up with a big bunch of news around the Database Professional and I am more then excited about the variety of features that got into the Product without having a major release. First of all and already a bit “outdated” is the DBPro Service Release 1 from end of July that can be downloaded…


Kostenlos: Die neue MSDN Hotline

Sehen Sie auch manchmal den Wald vor lauter Bäumen nicht ? Wir haben die MSDN Hotline für Sie eingerichtet, welche Sie schnell zu allen Themen rund um die MSDN Angebote untersützt. Sie suchen z.B. bestimmte Developer-Downloads, möchten wissen, wie Sie am schnellsten fit für .NET werden oder wo Sie den Artikel zum UNIT Testing finden? Dann…


Deep Dive Team System Trainings experience

I am very glad to see that Neno Lojes excellent Team System Trainings are back. Neno as german Team System MVP teaches this superintensive Team System Deep Dive Training together with Ognjen Bajic a croatic Team System MVP. The combined knowledge and the intesive trainings-concept really makes this training an excellent investment in your Team System…


Using TFS from Windows Exporer

This is on of these VSTS topics that really keep me highly motivated in the Team System space. More and more really cool tools and add ons get released and the VSTS community is growing faster and faster.  These days more per accident then per intention I fell over the Dubbelbock tool from Benjamin Day Consulting….